Welcome to AHC

AHC is an innovative, owner-managed, company which aims to use waste from industry, households and renewable raw materials in an economically profitable way by generating electricity and thermal energy.

We attach great importance to taking the individual customer specifications into account, starting with the design, technical implementation and the required operational structures.

On request, we gladly advise our customers on the use of all possible funding and financing opportunities for the planned construction projects.

The individual design and implementation of a plant customised for the customer means more to us than just the sum of its technical components. In this point as well as with regard to designing and implementing a project according to customer specifications, we distinguish ourselves from our competition.

We are constantly working on the optimization of CHPs. At the site of our office in Laudenbach, a 1.4 MW CHP is operated electrically on the basis of vegetable oil and biomethane.

AHC has experience in the designing and constructing of bio-energy power plants and individual residual material recycling plants, and heat recovery with specially developed heat exchangers for each medium such as water, steam or thermal oil and every energy flow such as exhaust gas, flue gas, used air and combustion air.

Our range of services include in particular:

Combustion engineering and development of combustion chambers for the most diverse fuels:


Renewable raw materials such as wood (Miscanthus), green waste, vegetable oil or biogas.

Waste Fuels

Sewage sludge, plastic residues, for example, PP granules, plastic mixtures, tyres, and so on.

Clinic Waste

The emission classes EWC 180103, EWC 180202, EWC 180102, EWC 180108

Animal Carcass Residue

Animal fat, litter, stomach intestine contents, waste.

Heat Recovery

Any heat source that goes unused in the environment.

Energy Recovery

Energy that is recovered is converted by us into electrical power, heat and cold.