Advantages of an AHC Incinerator

  1. The 10 MW electrical power plant consists of 4 incineration lines working independently.

    Your advantages: 
    Operational safety of 75% is provided when cleaning, inspecting or removing any technical defects that may occur.
    This eliminates the need for a total shutdown combined with financial losses. 
  2. All incinerators are manufactured in Germany and are thus subject to the
    highest quality standards. Quality assurance and monitoring is carried out by
    qualified personnel.
    Our plants are delivered only after complete functional testing.
  3. Each incinerator is coated in high-quality, seamless refractory materials.
  4. The patented feed furnace is a continuously working packed bed furnace that is suitable for all fuels. Fuels with high caloric values such as plastics are particularly good to use. 
  5. The furnace is characterised by its high flexibility. Very high heat value fractions, slag formers as well as paste fuels can be burned.
  6. The rotating feed system and the air supply provide an intensive mixing of the incinerator charge.
  7. Production at the plant significantly reduces the construction time compared to conventional plants.
  8. The exhaust gas treatment can be designed in several stages.
  9. Due to the cascade arrangement of the 4 incineration lines, the annual operating hours of the entire plant can be extended significantly. This increases the efficiency that can be achieved per year by the plant. 
  10. The plant can be equipped individually with various turbine types.
  11. Two independent steam turbines can be operated with this plant.
    The steam turbines have a power range of 2-10 MW electric.
    A power output of 75% is still available even in the event of failure of an incineration line.
  12. You can operate three independent ORC turbines of 2-12 MW electric in this plant. 75% of the power output is always available here also.
  13. The plants are especially characterized by their robustness and ease of use.
  14. The plant is controlled and monitored by a Siemens processor.
  15. Operating employees are quickly trained in plant operations and technology.
  16. In the event of failure of a line due to technical defects, fast replacement of the damaged parts is ensured and thus a rapid restarting of the line.
  17. Our plants cost significantly less than competitor plants with similar parameters.